Re-imagining the process of animation from the ground up, New South Wales’ hot new animation house, Planet 55 Studios, has taken the classic 2D animation process of yesteryear and brought it sprinting into the twenty-first century.

Planet 55 Studios’ artists and producers have developed a totally new process of animation, combining existing techniques with innovative new ones, to create a process they call Thetamation. The imagery has a stunning aesthetic akin to the classic anime styles of the 80s but embracing the latest in cinematic and noir graphic novel storytelling, that have so influenced blockbuster movies recently. Combined with a unique and top secret colour palette and 5 tone shading system that the Studio calls Sigmacolor, Planet 55 Studios has created animation which is not only unique, but engaging, exciting and cinematic.

Training a core team of Australian animators, on the Central Coast, North of Sydney, working with top compositors, artists, editors and writers, Planet 55 Studios has already developed an enviable network of creatives that are fueling innovation and success, allowing the Studio to develop massive new brands that will compete on the world stage.

Projects include Prisoner Zero, a huge new 26 part animated scifi series in development with Chris Rose and Tim Brooke-Hunt at ABC Childrens, and Bernadette O’Mahoney at the ACTF, as well as recreating animated adventures for the first ever time-travelling Doctor, for the BBC’s massive blockbuster franchise Doctor Who.